Vodka Museum


All our guests know traditional Russian drink vodka. And we offer you to visit one of the most interesting museums in Saint-Petersburg, Russia “Vodka museum”. This small museum presents the long history of Russia’s national drink from 12th to 20th centuries. Everybody drank vodka from peasants to presidents. You’ll see display cases full of vodka bottles in unusual shapes, old advertising campaigns and some funny dioramas. Our guide will explain you the evolution of the Russian firewater. In the tasting room, there’s also a chance to try out three different vodkas and traditional Russian snacks.


You’ll not just see how vodka has been made and consumed over the ages, you’ll also have the chance to try it!

This excellent private museum tells the story of Russia’s national tipple in an interesting and fun way, from the first production of ‘bread wine’ to the phenomenon of the modern international vodka industry, complete with waxwork models and some very cool bottles. Guide will tell you fun stories and you’ll defenetly have fun!



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