Sheremetev Palace — Museum of Music


In the heart of Saint-Petersburg stands the former mansion of one of the most powerful families in Russian Empire Count Sheremetev. Nowadays it’s a Museum of music and with our guide you’ll have an opportunity to see with skip the line admission tickets the interiors and unique collection of musical instruments.

The former mansion of Count Sheremetev is a unique historical and cultural monument, which represents rare for St.-Petersburg pattern of an urban mansion. The site on the bank of the Fontanka river was granted by Peter I to the field–marshal Count Sheremetev in 1712. The existing two- storied stone palace was built in 18th century. But changes in the architecture of the palace were appearing during the next 200 years. Many prominent architects worked there for example A.Voronikhin, J.Quarengui, N.Benois etc. And our guide will show you the final result which appeared only of 19th century.

Five generations of the old Russian family of Sheremetev lived in this palace in Saint-Petersburg up to 1917. All the exhibits that you’ll see are from the private collection of the Sheremetev, which they had been gathering for 200 years. During the tour you’ll see the gala and memorial interiors of the 19th century. You’ll hear about Sheremetev’s family and you’ll see their magnificent collection: a picture gallery, a collection of sculptures, arms, coins, samples of decorative and applied arts (among them collections of bronze articles, china, silver, furniture), a library (both music sheets and books; manuscripts, post–cards), church plate and icons (from the Fountain House church), etc.

Since 1989 the Sheremetev Palace houses the Museum of Theatre and Music. The permanent Musical Instruments Collection displayed at the Palace has three thousand exhibits. You’ll see the Russian bells, replicas of antique musical instruments, copied in the 19th century from authentic pieces, the old harps, violins and harpsichords of the 17–18th centuries etc.

We will buy tickets, provide you  skip the line admission and organize everything you need, all you’ll have to do is to just have fun!



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