Peterhof Grand Palace and Park


Peterhof is suburb in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. There are the Grand palace and park, which is known with its fountains. With our agency you’ll get the skip the line admission to one of the most popular royal palaces in Russia.

The Grand palace

The Grand palace was founded in the very beginning of 18th century by Peter I. Standing on the banks of the Gulf of Finland, the palace is a symbol of victory of Russia over Sweden. First built as a small summer residence of Peter I, later it was rebuilt and now we can see gorgeous palace in baroque style. With our skip the line admission you’ll easily enter the palace to admire its interiors. Our guide will tell you about the state rooms, ball hall, throne hall, dining rooms and exquisite Asian rooms.

The fountains & the park

With our skip the line admission you’ll walk in the Peterhof park. It is located on a huge territory more than 100 hectares. It’s on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and while walking you can admire the same view which Peter I saw in 18th century. There are a few buildings from the tsar period in the park, each has it’s own history.
But Peterhof park is more known with its fountains. Peter I created one of the best fountain systems in the world. Fountains decorated with marble, gilded statues, bas reliefs and many other semiprecious materials work nonstop from the morning till the night. But the most unique are joke fountains. These fountains were created as practical jokes and till nowadays they amuse guests of Saint-Petersburg.

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