Catherine’s palace with Amber room


 In one of the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, Russia stands magnificent former summer residence of Russian royalty – Catherine’s palace, which is worldwide known with its Amber room.


Booking a tour with us you’ll be able to visit with skip the line admission one of the most popular palaces in Russia. We pre-book the entrance tickets to make your visit more comfortable.

You’ll visit Catherine’s palace, built as wedding present from Peter I to his bride Catherine I in early 18th century. The palace was rebuilt several times and you’ll see interiors of 18th and 19th centuries. You’ll walk in parade rooms which are gilded with dozens kilograms of gold. Our guide will show you giant ball room, where Russian Tsars were dancing and having fun. Catherine’s palace is also known with its private rooms, where one of the world greatest’s monarch Catherine II lived.

The amber room

Our skip the line tour guarantees you the visit to world known Amber room. Fist created in late 17th century, it was brought to Russia by Peter I and till nowadays it attracts thousands of tourists daily. With us you’ll see whole room decorated with amber. All the decorations were hand made by Russian masters for you to admire it. Amber changes its color in special conditions and you’ll see yourself different shades of this golden – brown material.


Catherine’s palace is a summer residence of Russian royalty and you, just as Tsars themselves, will be able to walk in the royal park. With our tour you’ll see 2 parts of this huge park one is English park and another is French park. In this park Russian royalty had the fanciest parties.


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